Jeremy Corbyn – Outstanding Performance at PMQ’s

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It was an outstanding performance from the Labour leader at Prime Minister Question time in Parliament.  Jeremy clashes with Theresa May Politicianover the issues of Grammar school and in my opinion, he produces a stellar performance.

We expect our opposition to be able to question the validity of stepping back in time to resurrect whether it is grammar schools or any other backwards step the government want to inflict on the electorate, and for the government not to ride roughshod over the voters a strong opposition is necessary.

Following Jeremy performance, what he should now do and the party as a hold his unite behind the man give him the support required to ensure he can do his job efficiently and keep the checks and balances that are a must in the political arena.

If Jeremy wins the leadership election and remain leader of the party the onus is now on the entire Labour Party to stop acting like children who have lost their lollipop and behave like adults; you see what your leader can do given the right encouragement.  Let this be a progressive move for the Party; we do not want to see the Labour party relegated to non-effective.

Jeremy Corbin, on the other hand, needs to understand that he his not an island and he must develop the ability to communicate in a more methodical way, recognise that not everyone will agree with his decision, but welcome their input.  Draconian, leaders are destined to fail and the word TEAM, means together everyone achieves more.