Surviving being Stabbed 100 Times – Miraculous

My Opinion

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A 32-year-old man began a 20-year prison sentence on Friday for stabbing a young woman 100 times.

According to am newspaper report the perpetrator requested a glass of water and the victim refused to get it for him, so in anger he stabbed her knife100 times in front of her toddler son.  The attack was so ferocious that the tip of the knife broke off in her neck.

She survived by playing dead, manage to stagger and crawl into an empty bus after midnight; the driver alerted the police.  She was taken to the hospital, required 500 stitches and treatment for two punctured lungs.

What I cannot understand is what give these insecure men the audacity to believe a woman cannot say no to them, and what kind of monster would attack a mother in front of her child.

In my opinion, 20 years is not long enough; he should be sent away for life.  Just because of the severity of the attack.  That was an unintelligent, unprovoked, savage and barbaric assault on another human being and to survive is in my opinion, miraculous. 

All that society can hope for his that toddler do not have a nightmare over what he saw and time will allow him to lose the images of what he witness his mother had to endure.