Marijuana to be available on the NHS from November 1

Marijuana to be available on the NHS. Took the United Kingdom long enough to get with the cannabis programme like so many states in the US.

It has been, reported that the Mayor of London announced that Doctors would be able to prescribe cannabis products to NHS patients as early as next month. It was confirmed by the Home Secretary who stated that this would happen from 1 November.

The new rules according to a media article will apply to Wales, Scotland and England. It is, believed that the decision to allow the use of cannabis-based products is due to several high profile cases where it was, alleged that cannabis helps a young person with epilepsy.

However, people from West Indian or Caribbean cultures will not find this decision surprising. We have been aware of the medical properties of marijuana for centuries. The fact that drug dealers hijacked the herb and other substances were added to it making it more potent than it is in its natural form was purely down to greed.

In my opinion, we should see a reduction in drug-related crimes as drug-dealers will no longer have a stranglehold on users. I believe this bold move will be better for our communities. Looking at America and the states that legalise cannabis, an article in The Guardian suggested that a US study on the effects of legalised cannabis shows a significant reduction in violent crimes especially the states bordering Mexico.