Justice Systems Leinent Juvenile & Teenagers (Give them Life)

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I am fed up with how lenient the criminal justice system is with teenagers and juvenile.  Because of that, they seem to be running amok and committing illegal activities because they are not scared of the law.

It would appear that not a single day goes by that teenagers and juveniles are not mentioned in the media.  They are either accused of murders, stabbings, robbery with intent or they are beating an innocent man to death because he speaks a foreign language.

It is the time that society, especially the government gives the justice system the tools necessary to ensure that these young hooligans sent to prison for life.  They have ruined too many lives, and we should take away their freedom.

Personally, I believe if teenagers and juveniles knew that they would go to prison for life, for committing, knife crimes assault, grievous bodily harm, robbery and theft of individuals personal items, they would think twice before they commit crimes.

Even if I am a lone voice in the wilderness, I believe it is the time that drastic actions is taken against these teenagers.  I do not want to hear of another family losing their child because of stabbing or being kicked to dead.

The video below is my idea of how society should deal with these delinquents teenagers and juvenile.  If you agree with me, l would love to hear your comments.