Why Debunk, Other Intelligent Beings Exist

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Every since I can remember there as been sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO), seen by many people around the globe and yet we Flying saucersstill believe that these people or creating fictitious stories or they have some medical problems.

Debunkers, of UFO, seems to be incapable of accepting that there is another life form far more superior than us. When it comes down to it human beings, are intellectually challenged in comparison to these aliens visiting our planet.

Even if we believe, that the vast majority of individuals who claimed that they have an encounter with a UFO are daydreaming, some sightings cannot be explained and leave debunkers stumped, speechless and incapable of offering any valid explanations.

The problem the world have with cover-ups and conspiracy.  If the truth, were told about what happen at Roswell New Mexico all those years ago, maybe there would be a better understanding of why these beings are visiting our planet.  What do they require from us, instead of this systematical debunking of what is clear that something other than the Earthly plane is using our airspace?

There have been well-documented reports of people such as Police officers, Doctor’s, Teachers, Pilots, that have had an encounter with  UFO. These individuals with a keen eye for details and yet debunkers still try to explain away what these intelligent people are stating that they faced. However, the explosion of audio equipment, mobile phone, devices which people can record in real time makes it tough for either government or debunkers to dismiss these UFO sightings.

Personally, I do not need a UFO to land on the lawn of the White House or Buckingham Place to believe that we are not alone in this universe.  I believe the majority of people who have stated that they have come into contact with Aliens, those who have been probed and prodded like cattle by these beings.

The same way in which no one can tell me that Angels do not exist, because of my experience, I am not going to dismiss the people who have come in contact will UFO’S.