Kensington Council terminates contract with Grenfell Tower TMO

My Opinion

It is amazing how it always takes a tragedy, and the loss of human lives for authorities, especially government bodies to listen and make a practical decision before chaos occurs.

For years the resident of Grenfell Towers complain about the safety issue and concerns they have, and no one listens. It took the death of eighty innocent people, and now they pretend they are listening┬áto residents, – bullocks.

According to a media report, Kensington council has terminated its contract with the tenant management organisation (TMO) responsible for the management of Grenfell Tower. The board apparently voted unanimously to end its contract.

When an organisation does not listen to relevant complaints, and a tragedy occurs, they spend their time attributing blame and, those who use human tragedy to further their political ambitions, disgraceful.

The lives of 80 people were, lost because of lousy management, egoist and in my opinion, insensitive people. Now they are climbing over each other back to make it appear they care.

But how much more Grenfell Tower we will have in the future? As soon as the dust settles, Grenfell Tower and its ex-residence will be forgotten, and the Council will go back to their bad behaviour of putting profit before people.