UK cannabis dealer prescribing marijuana to treat illness

As reported by the media UK marijuana dealers are giving their customer medical advice and prescribing different types of cannabis for various ailments.

Apparently, a marijuana producer based in Birmingham, England, told an individual in the media that he has given out medical advice since the spring, although he has no medical qualification.

He stated that people in the UK are aware that in America and other parts of the world cannabis is used for medicinal purpose and he knows enough about the drugs to be able to advise others.

According to the media report, the individual does not see himself as a drug dealer, but a gardener. He alleges, his customers relay their problems to him. He went on the internet and research how the big US firms are doing with medical marijuana because they do the research he trusts their knowledge, so he can advise individuals on taking the drugs.

If you ever lived in the Caribbean, especially Jamaica, we are, taught that marijuana has specific properties that are beneficial to health. As children, we were given pot in the form of tea. However, I do believe the cannabis that is being, used now poses a problem because it is not natural.

I doubt if anyone in Jamaica back in the 60, 70, and 80 knows about ‘gorilla glue’, skunk type of marijuana. In my opinion, there may be a medical advantage to using cannabis, but until it is legalised and monitored in the UK, we should be wary of the people without medical qualifications giving medicinal advice about any drugs.