London All Night Tube Service – Jubilation

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London underground system ran its first twenty-four house service on the Victoria and Central lines, and it seems to go down with commuters well with those who use the service. Underground train

According to a media report, there is an expectation that more than 100,000 thousand will be using the service on the first opening weekend.  Currently, six trains ran on the hour on the Victoria and Central lines; there are plans to run more night tube service.

Tube night service is ideal for the Capital and will encourage more people to enjoy their weekend in the knowledge that they do not have to worry about transportation to get home. London always has a night bus service; most commuters will tell you using the bus is sometimes severe. 

Apparently, London Mayor was among the first people to ride the night train Victoria line starting from Brixton at 12.34am. Night train as opened up the City big time and when other lines, are added it will be even better.

In my opinion, this is a move by Transport for London that welcomed by Londoners, not only will there be an efficient 24-hour transport system but this will provide extra employment for over 1,000 people, and that can only be good for the economy.