Airline Steward jailed for eight years for smuggling heroin

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They say that ‘money is the root of all evil’, and sometimes one has to agree that there may be some truth to this adage.

A 30-year old Emirates air steward from Oldham was caught smuggling £100,000 worth of heroin into the UK, according to a media article.

Apparently, border force officers searched the bus that transferred cabin crew from the airline to the terminal and found the drugs stuffed behind the air steward seat. He was arrested, and plead guilty to importing class A drugs and, was jailed for eight years.

I do not understand why anyone would make the allure of money compromise their integrity. Therefore, the comment made that ‘corrupt insiders like him provide valuable service to the criminal network, is indisputable.

Knowing that the drugs you are smuggling will end up on the streets, causing mayhem and devastation. When an individual uses their position of trust to illicit, illegal financial gains and, is aware of the product they are peddling and the effect it as on others, they are no excuses they can use to justify their actions except for greed.

In my opinion, kudos to the security agents that unravel this man’s plan to flood our communities with drugs, and for the Courts for taking away eight years of his life. I hope he uses the time to reflect on the foolhardiness way in which he throws away his life.