Labour MP To Establish All Party Group To Tackle Knife Crime.


Stabbing People For Fun – This is absolutely crazy

Unbelievable, someone can go about stabbing someone for fun.  According to a media report, 18-year-old teenagers plead guilty to wounding with intent and admit to having a hunting knife in his possession. The incidents which trigger […]

Knife crime and criminals

Oh, my God, finally, somebody realises that the number of stabbing deaths across the UK is becoming an epidemic.

The Labour MP for Croydon Central will be establishing a parliamentary group to combat knife crimes, with the first meeting set for September.

It could not come at a better time; knife crimes has had a significant impact on the lives of many people. Across the country, there are, according to media report 34,000 knife offences, up by 20% in one year.

I have been writing about knife crimes for months.   Wanting to see politicians taking this seriously and the fact that a local MP is now taking the responsibility with the onus on finding measures to combat knife crimes efficiently, in my opinion, will be welcomed by the families who have gone through the trauma of either burying their children or visiting them in hospitals.

Personally, I hope the focus of this cross-party group, will be not only about the causes of knife crime but the punishment for those who carry or use knives. There cannot be any soft approach to this problem.  Perpetrators of knife crimes must know that if they use a knife and stab a person to death, once convicted, they will go away for life, if they are caught carrying a knife without a valid reason, they will go to prison for 15 years.

The message to anyone that thinks they have to carry a knife or use it must be absolutely crystal clear; you will be incarcerated for life if you are found guilty.