Management Company For Grenfell Tower, Sacked

The management company, according to a media report, that was responsible for Grenfell Towers has had their responsibilities taken away.

Following a meeting with survivors, which was attended by the Prime Minister, she informed them that Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management organisation would no longer manage Lancaster estate, which includes Grenfell Towers. The management company was apparently a concern among survivors.

Some may welcome the decision regarding the management company, but it is, in my opinion, purely window dressing and a reactive action.

When the residents of Grenfell Towers were voicing their concerns about the safety issues, a proactive act would have been to investigate the management company and ensure that the resident’s concerns were, adequately dealt with and maybe we would not have lost almost 80 lives.

As a society, we never want to act proactively, ninety percent of the time it is reactive, and it is always at the cost of human lives. Then government pretends they care by setting up an inquiry to tell them what they already know, and I cannot understand that.