Labour Party – Get Your House in Order

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The constant fighting in the Labour party over the leadership is tearing the heart out of the party, and they could not govern the country not the way they presently are.

In my opinion, the Labour party should not be talking about any forming a government, because from what the nation can see they are not currently an active opposition. 

It is important that democratic process is protected, and if a section of the party believe the current leader is not performing in the manner in which he was elected to do then, of course, a leadership challenge should be made. However, I cannot understand what it is about the present leader that is splitting the party.

To be the movement that the people want so that the Labour party forms the next government, Jeremy Corbyn has to cement its leadership in a practical way.  He has to unite the party behind him, stamp out any negative aspects. 

A leader that does not command respect is one that is bound to fail, The Labour Party, in my opinion, is the most compelling challenge to the Conservative but only if they get their house in order.