Labour Politician Caught paying Male for Sex

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politician in clown mask
Clown Politician

Following the media report that married Labour MP Keith Vaz was allegedly caught paying a male prostitute for sex, is nothing, new politicians, in my opinion, do crazy things.

There are times when society seems to forget that politicians are a mere mortal and are, subjected to the same fragility as what is, called ‘average person’.  The fact they decide to take political responsibilities as their career is why they are judged so harshly when they fall on their swords.

I cannot understand people think process; you know that your public position makes an individual susceptible to prying eyes, yet they go about doing things that they are ashamed of, ruined their marriages and destroyed their integrity.

There is a lesson that as human beings we need to learn, whatever happens in the dark will eventually come to light.  I, do not believe that Keith Vaz is the only MP that may be involved in circumstances that make him look stupid.  At present he his the one that his apologising for his bad behaviour.

I would agree, that we all have ‘skeletons in our cupboards’. Some more than others, but when you are a private person those skeletons tends to remain lock away longer, however, public figures not so.

Personally, I have no sympathy for Keith Vaz; he should have know better.  He had more to lose than what he could gain, and his integrity should make him walk away from any situations that compromise his dignity.