Woman cheating benefit systems caught via lavish Facebook holiday snaps

My Opinion

It never ceased to amaze me the stupidity of people who believe they can cheat the benefits system than showed themselves living lavish holiday lifestyle via Facebook.

A 48-year-old woman, according to a media article, who had almost £400,000 in the bank cheated taxpayer out of £3,931.23 council tax, plus she claimed hardship payments amounting to £557. Then to add insult to injury, she decided to take lavish holidays and post her globe-trotting behaviour on social media.

People who fraudulently cheat the welfare system makes it very hard for genuine claimants to access the resources they so desperately need. Cheaters brush tarnish everyone claiming benefits, the systematical investigation into a person who genuinely needs assistance from the states, leaves them feeling violated.

What I do not understand is we live in a technological era where every digital footprint you make is left where it can be, traced. So why would a 48-year-old woman believe that she could get away with cheating the benefits system then posting stupid pictures of herself enjoying lavish holidays?

In my opinion, the courts should order her to pay twice what she fraudulently cheated out of the welfare system. The £4,688.23 she, is ordered to payback is not near enough punishment to teach her a lesson.