Lincoln A City Falling Victim To ‘Zombie Drugs’.

Drugs, apparently have been part of our culture since the middle of the last century.

It is estimated that 208 million people internationally consume illegal drugs. Although there have been, information at schools, on the television and the internet regarding the dangers of taking drugs, young people are still using illegal drugs.

It has been reported in the media that Lincoln a city in England with a population of 89,228, the 79th biggest city in England, has fallen victim to ‘zombie drugs’. This drug leaves users comatose making them act and behave like the walking dead. It has been reported that addicts pester people for money and hurled abuse at shoppers.

But, why do people take illegal drugs? I believe, especially young people take drugs to rebel, fit in, experiment, escape or relax or because they are bored. There have been well-publicised deaths of young people who tried drugs for the first time and lost their lives, yet the message is not getting through to potential drug takers.

What I cannot comprehend is that don’t these individuals that are taking drugs realise that the people who are pushing drugs are making millions off their addictions, and they do not care how dangerous their poison is. The goal is to get individuals addicted so that they come back for more drugs.

The police alone cannot get rid of drug dealers, they need the community help, this culture of I don’t care because it is not my problem must end, most people in their local community knows the drug dealers, let the police know who they are.  We must get involved if we are to have any hope of stopping our young people turning into zombies.