Police In A London Borough Face Backlash Over Tweet

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There is an article in the media which states that police in a London Borough faces backlash over a tweet, which suggests there were too busy dealing with mental health fallout, missing person, they don’t have time to fight crime.

Apparently, the tweet was criticised by social media users, and the tweet has now been deleted.

In my opinion, all aspects of police work are important, they are to serve and protect everyone regardless of who, or what they may be. Because of that, they are held to a higher standard.

If the same tweet was posted by a so-call ordinary member of the public because they felt the police was spending too much time on certain issues rather than preventing or solving crimes, we would certainly not have the same dramatic upheaval.

People tend to forget that police officer are human beings coming from the same communities, have the same problems, or as frustrated as ordinary citizens and sometimes they do or make stupid comments, but to err is human.

The fact that we reside in a world of technology and in particular where social media is so important to our lives, individuals and organisation will use this forum and in most cases, it is used positively. However, some will use social media to vent their frustration, that does not mean because a police officer uses social media in what we perceived as negative we must have the individual drawn and quartered.

Sometimes, in my opinion, we are too overly sensitive and we forget that we are first and foremost humans. Too much political correctness is not a good thing, that is how I personally feel.