Why Do Some Women Put Men Before Their Children

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I am a mother of four, and there is no man on this planet, as a matter of fact in the entire universe could make me put them before any of my children.  I am trying to understand the reasons why any mother would do so.

Having taken the decision to bring children into your life there is an obligation to protect them with your life, and for a parent to allowed anyone Parents angry with a childto brutalise their children and stand by doing nothing is something that I cannot get my head around.

Following the media report that a mother and her boyfriend was arrested and facing charges of endangering the welfare of a minor, domestic battery, and permitting abuse of a juvenile, there is just too many of these cases of children, being battered by partners of these idiotic parents.

Imagine a child beaten; black eyed with a swollen cheek, and scars on her body that demonstrate that, at a time in her life she endures physical violence is unbelievable. 

In my opinion, such parents that put men before their children allowed them to be physically and verbally abuse should go to prison and stay there for the rest of their natural life. They should never be able to see be amongst children ever.

As far as I am concerned, they forfeit all rights.  There are no reasons that anyone could give me to make me have any sympathy for such diabolical ineffective parents.  The most frightening aspects of this type of situation it is mainly the mothers who stood by and allowed this to happen.