Obsessive Female Stalker Sent to Prison for 5 Years

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There is a  consensus that when the world stalker is mention there is an automatic believe that it must be a man stalking a woman, it will not Stalker word cloudoccur that women hunt men, maybe not as frequent as men do, but it happens.

A media report stated that a 49-year-old Pimlico women jailed for five years following her campaign of harassment against a male engineering director.  The report further outlined measures this female take to destroy the man’s life, family, and employment she succeeds in making him lose his job.

Apparently, she did not understand that not all people found particular female sexual attractive and having to spurn her advances she set out to make his life a nightmare.  Sending text messages to his son, wife alleging she has compromising pictures.  This woman was a nutter.

In my opinion, the five years prison sentence, demonstrate that the judicial system takes these type of crimes seriously, stalking leave victims vulnerable, afraid, stress out anxious, and no one as the right to do that to another human being.

For me, the most upsetting aspect of the article is that this is not the first time that this female undertakes to stalk another, but as mentioned she use so many aliases it was difficult for the authority to keep up with all of her antics. 

I hope her victims are elated that at least for the next few years she will not be doing this to another person, and she will get councilling, so she understands that not everyone wants to be with her.