Health warning to cook frozen sweetcorn properly

According to a media article, health experts have warned regarding the dangers of eating frozen sweetcorn.

The (FSA) Food Standards Agency issued a warning for people to cook all frozen vegetables thoroughly before eating them. It would appear that an outbreak of listeriosis is, linked to frozen sweetcorn.

Information in the media suggests that 11 people have been affected by listeriosis, which dates back to 2015. The contamination has been identified from a freezing plant in Hungary and, showed that two of the people affected in the UK, consumed the same brand of frozen sweetcorn from the same supermarket.

In my opinion, it is idiotic to purchase any frozen food and not cook it properly. My experience with frozen items such as green beans, mixed vegetables, spinach there is a warning on the bag suggesting these items are prepared, thoroughly before they are, consumed.

We have a responsibility to ensure that whatever item of food we put inside our bodies is, prepared correctly, and only practising good food hygiene can we hope to prevent contaminated food from entering our bodies.