Los Angeles police investigating movie producer over suspected sexual assault

The media over the last few days are reporting allegations against a well known Hollywood producer. According to the various reports, he faces sexual misconduct and assault allegations which apparently, occur over an extended period.

I find it unbelievable that a man who in my opinion, is not what one would call an attractive individual would have so many women detailing their unfortunate encounter with this person, and the way in which he made them feel.

Fame and fortune have its price, and if you are willing to do anything it takes to acquire these two things, then the consequences will always be high. Compromising one’s principles for fortune and fame is as old as the ark.

However, it is disgusting when an individual uses the knowledge that he can either make or break another human being, to gain sexual advantages. It is even more deplorable when his actions, conduct and behaviour are known to other, and they do nothing about it.

As they say, karma will come back to haunt you, and this top-notch Hollywood producer has lost his reputation, following the number of prominent women that accuse him of misconduct.

Bafta says they are suspending the producer membership, the Oscar organisation vote to expel him and he his stripped of his British Film Institute fellowship. When an individual put themselves above everyone else, they develop a God-like quality believing they are invincible, forgetting that reaching the top is difficult, but coming back down is easy.