Theresa May destined to be removed as Prime Minister

The most significant recourse, in my opinion, a government has is the ability to listen to the electorate and amend policies and procedures that fail both the voters and the country. Failure to do so will limit your power to govern.

We currently have a minority government that is only holding on to power by making a deal with a smaller party.

An ad-hoc government that has so many negative things going against them, so they decide to make the lives of the electorate miserable by implementing the universal credit. At present this change in the way Social Security benefits, are distributed is causing hardship for vulnerable claimants.

She then has the disastrous Brexit negotiations which are adding, even more, stress on the voters, interest rates. I am amazed that this government can suggest it as the electorate interest at heart when their policies are leaving pregnant women to live on 1p because of her government stupidity.

The policies that Mrs May has inflicted on the country will guarantee, in my opinion, that at the next election the Conservative party will most likely find themselves with less than 50 parliamentary seats.