Man, flew his parents from India to help him discipline wife

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Domestic Violence Abuse in Many Forms Background

According to a media report a 67-year old man and his 61-year old wife flew from India to Miami and helped their son severely beat his wife for being disobedient- Are you kidding me, is this the 21st century.

The 33-year old man flew his parents all the way from their native India so that they can help him punish his wife.  The police were, called to the home, and they found the door locked and heard the victim screaming for them to save her and her child.

Apparently, at the time these individuals were this woman she had her child in her arms, and the baby was, stuck in the face. What kind of people are these, do they think that so-called tradition applies in the US where they can beat a female, and everyone turns a blind eye.

These people have broken the laws of the US, they should be tried, found guilty and spend a considerable amount of time in prison, and at the end of their sentence send them back to India where if they chose to live in the dark ages, they might do so.

Unbelievable, archaic and downright disgusting that a husband should beat his wife, but have his parents join in his even more appalling and unacceptable in a civilised society.