Grenfell Tower disaster woman charged with fraud

What it, is with money that makes people so greedy they lie, cheat and steal to acquire. I concur with the phrase that money is the root of evil.

The Grenfell Tower fire devastated a community and an estimated 80 people loss their lives, so we must support the survivors, financially and in any other way that they need our support. But when anyone used a tragedy for fraudulent financial gains, they are in my opinion, a disgrace to the human race.

According to a media report, a 46-year old woman was arrested and charged with seven counts of fraud. Alleges that her husband died in the Grenfell Tower fire, claiming £10,000 in funds for survivors.

In my opinion, I hope she is found guilty and sent to prison for her actions, her actions in the face of a tragedy is despicable, an insult to actual survivors and theft of resources that should have gone to those.

The greed that drives individuals to ruin their reputation and integrity escapes me. I can not understand it.