March for Black Lives – Really does matter

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Following the March in the US regarding that Black lives matters and the subsequent shooting of 5 police officers, these protests have taken on a life of its own.

People in the UK was incensed and took to the street firstly in Brixton and then in Oxford Street. The protesters believe that it is the time that society recognises that Black lives are of equal importance and that the killing of Blacks does not only happen in the United States.

The March demonstrated the solidarity that exists with US African Americans and highlighted the fact police officer must recognise that they can no longer kill black individuals unnecessary without having to face the consequences of their action.

It is understandable that the President and George Bush would attend the memorial service of the five officers who lost their lives.  We should never condone violence in any way, but there is no headline or memorial service for the vast majority of people that have been killed by the police.

Society should rely on the police department to be above and beyond reproach, and if little sections within the service use it to undertake their racist attitude, it calls into question the integrity of the service.

The community is sometimes sceptical of the way in which the police monitored themselves because, even when police officers, get caught on camera acting in antisocial behaviour, they do not seem to be any disciplinary action taken against them.

It is sombre that five officers have to lose their lives, and those five could be ones that carry out their duties in the manner in which befit the job, yet they suffer the consequences of their badly behave officer.

Of course, there is no doubt that the public place a heavy burden on police officers we ask them to risk their lives every day so that we feel protected.  They are human beings, and they go through some of the same problems ordinary citizen has.  But when one decides to become a peace keeper they accept the hazard that comes with the Job.

I believe that the public would be incredibly naïve if we believe that officer is not sometimes forced to use lethal means to protect themselves and other people for that we applaud them.  But when they cross the line and commit crimes justice must be seen, to take place and they should face the consequences of the wrong decision that they make.