Ranting -Methods of Reporting news

I understand that in a democracy, individuals are free to say and do things they would not be able to under an oppressive regime.

Today I am ranting about the methods used to report the news.  For example, today the newspaper carried a story regarding raids that was undertaken by the police in the Tooting area.

The report could have read; police conducted a series of the raids in the Tooting area, some drugs, and knives were seized.  So why was it necessary to include that these activities took place near Mayor Sadiq Khan’s home.

Mr Khan’s home was not involved with the raided so why did the reporter deem it necessary to mention the man’s home.  For as long as I can remember the way in which news is, reported, in my opinion, demonstrate a bias, why should specific unnecessary information is included.

The fact that the Mayor was not involved in the raid, never took part, not there when it happens why should it be known that it took place near his home.  Who benefited from that information?  What underlying message is that individual trying to convey

When crimes are committed by a particular section of our community is just report as such without any colour coding.  If a Black person commits a crime, everyone knows that the individual is black because the reporter specifies his colour and origin.

I am sick and tired of this kind of information reporting; it has been going on too long that it now becomes the norm. And these are the kinds of information that allow certain kind of anti-social behaviour to continue, and I cannot believe for one minute that journalist or unaware of how they report the news.

It would appear that in every aspect of life Black people, in fact, minority people are singled out for this kind of adverse reporting.

I do not think that minority groups are over sensitive I honestly believe our concerns are genuine, and we are fed up with the reporting bias.

It is not that I think minority groups do not commit crimes, I just cannot understand why when a White person commits any crime it is mostly reported as “a man was convicted today, for example, attempted murder”.

But if it were to do with a minority person the report would say “a black man was convicted today for whatever the offence was.