Ridiculous – Fat People Less Brain Power

My Opinion

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What is wrong with, in my opinion, with these modern day people calling themselves a scientist.

According to the news report, some scientists in the US believe that fat people are not as intelligent as those who are, supposedly, of healthy weight.

Is life that boring, that there are sections of the community who believe that the best use of their time is to stigmatize and isolate people,  putting so-called thin people against fat people. I do not care or even believe in what this study suggests, weight has nothing to do with intelligence.  Just like everything in life, there are some people who excel at something and others do not.

For example, some people are excellent at singing; I would say brilliant, and they do so whether they are so-called fat or slim.  There are enough doctors, teachers, nurses and another professional who are not what these scientists would call healthy weight; they are fat according to social perception of them.  Did that stop them been intelligent, of course not?

To be honest, I am sick and tired of these individuals labeling different section of people with idiotic ideology.  I suppose they are suggesting that scientists that are fat are less intelligent.

I support most scientific research and studies in most part they are productive and or of great help to us, but some studies defy logic and in my opinion, this one falls right into that category.