Massive anti-Brexit protest outside Tory conference

My Opinion

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Life is not getting any easier for the Prime Minister, especially as today is her 61st birthday. The welcome she gets is 50,000 anti-Brexit protesters outside the Conservative party conference, in Manchester.

It was, reported that thousands of campaigners and activist were chanting ‘bollock to Brexit’ and Brexit was a monstrosity, protestors feature a hideous caricature of senior Tories.

The feeling that Brexit is not in the best interest of the UK is running at fever pitch, and the PM needs to address this precise concerns of the British people.

However, what I am appaled about is the protesters were called fascists. We are supposed to be a civilised society, and we do not condone threats against a political party or its supporters.

While I agree that a banner reading ‘hang the Tories’ is woefully inappropriate, I would not refer to hundreds of decent protesters as fascists, because of a small minority that should know better.

The country is angry because of the lies that they were, fed during the referendum campaign. It causes many people to vote to leave. Now they realise that leaving the European Union is a bad mistake and the British people will suffer in the long term.