No Surprise David Cameron Quit as MP

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Who can be surprised that David Cameron quit the parliamentary seat in Witney, how do you go from been Prime Minister to become a Government conceptbackbencher, ridiculous position to be in.

David Cameron has been MP for Witney since 2001, leader of his party 2005 and Prime Minister 2010, so there is no way in which he could be asked to just become another face on the back bench of the Conservative Party.

He supported the stay campaign, resigned as PM after Brexit, and now recognises that his position on the back bench would be untenable. Because any comment he made regarding Brexit is going to be, blown out of proportion so unlike how Labour deal with this kind of situation, he his doing the decent thing and resigning his seat.  

Although I have no affinity with the Conservative party, I do believe that Cameron his right in this decision, remaining as MP could cause a split in the party,  Theresa May will be under his shadow and that his no position for a new Prime Minister. 

The Labour Party need to learn this method; the Party is bigger than any one person and when circumstance arise whereby someone becomes detrimental to the organisation they need to make the sacrifice and step aside so that the party can thrive.

I applaud David Cameron, even if resigning his parliamentary seat is letting down his constituency, I still believe he his doing the right thing.  A person of his calibre should not find it difficult to find other employment or set up his own business he has a lot of information that will allow him to move from the political arena into the private sector.