Money can be classified as ‘truly’ the root of all evil

They say no good deed goes unpunished and sometimes we can see why this adage is still relevant today.

A few months ago an article appeared in the media where a homeless man gave a couple his last 20 dollars for petrol when they ran out late one night. We applauded the homeless man so when they set up a GoFundMe fundraiser for him more than 15000 people contributed to the fun.

But, now the homeless man is suing the couple because according to a media article, he claimed they kept most of the money they raised for themselves. They use the money to purchase new BMW’s and took vacations to L.A, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.

The couple denied the allegations. If it proved to be true, it would once again demonstrate that where money is, concerned some people are only too willing to sell their souls.

In my opinion, greed is the only reason why they would cheat a homeless man out of the money they raised. Bearing in mind that it was the generosity of more than 15000 people why the amount was so tremendous. If they did and that is a big if, they should be sent to prison as they make giving to genuine people very hard and, they would be in my eyes a deplorable human being.