Undercover police officer trap elderly wife killer

The media reported that a 73-year old man who murdered his wife of 53-years was brought to justice when he confesses his crime to an undercover police officer.

According to the media article, the senior citizen was, befriended by the undercover cop. Believing he had found a new girlfriend who had a mother she allegedly was caring for and wanted to kill.

The 73-year old was only do happy and contented in relaying details of how he murdered his wife and disposed of her remains.

I cannot begin to understand what would cause someone to turn from loving another person for over half a century then decide to use a two-pound stake hammer to bash them over the head killing her.

One would believe that loving someone, another human being, to die by their hands is the ultimate betrayal of what love should be. Having plead guilty to his vicious criminal act he will be on his way to prison.

Here we have an individual who should be living out his twilight years with the woman he has been with for over fifty years. His wife is dead, and he will most likely die in prison for the heinous crime he committed, what a waste of life.