Monster raped woman every week for 10 years in front of her children


It is hard to wrap one head around the fact that these kinds of perverted monsters exist within our communities.

They look ordinary, decent, hardworking and rational, but behind that facade is an individual that believes degrading another human being and in front of her children is an acceptable way to behave, leaves me speechless.

According to a local media report, a 39-year old man raped a woman every week for ten years. In some cases, her children were made to watch as she was, raped, verbally abuse and the pulling of her hair.

There is no doubt that there are strong and weak individuals. But, I cannot understand why would anyone allow themselves to be, degraded in such a way that even her children were made to watch the onslaught on her.

He was found guilty after admitting to five counts of rape, and sentenced to ten years. It must be a nightmare the kind of fear these women are, put through that allowed them to withstand this type of humiliation.

This man was a monster of the worse kind. However, this type of individual power is, predicated on the fact that women allowed themselves to be manipulated by these undesirable.

Once their powers are, broken, then they become nothing, and nobody and, women need to start cutting this stranglehold that these monsters in society use to control their lives.