66 year old woman board British Airways plane without a ticket

British airways plane

Since the carnage of 9/11 airport security was supposed to be so tight that nothing or no one could escape the eagled-eyed security protocols.

So, how does the authority explained the fact that a 66-year old ‘White’ woman manage to not only get past security at Chicago’s O’Hare international airport and board a British Airways flight all the way to London Heathrow airport, where she was, caught?

She manages to get through federal transportation security checkpoint without a ticket, taking a shuttle to the international terminal, where a day later she sneaked on and hid in the toilet of the British Airway plane.

According to the media article, this 66-year old has attempted on several occasions to board flights without a ticket. Apparently, in 2016 she was sentenced in Chicago to six months house arrest, placed on two years mental health probation.

In my opinion, this incident makes me sceptical about airport security. We have to thank our lucky star that this woman was not a terrorist and the passengers of the British Airways flight arrived safely at their destination.

I believe that the passengers on that flight will read the article in dismay, thinking how lucky they were that this was a disturbed senior citizen and not a terrorist because the outcome could have been so much different.