Mother Nature hitting back at us with severe weather

The people who are concerned with the way in which we treat our planet, all in the name of greed have been predicting global changes for a long time.

We are experiencing severe weather condition around the world that, in my opinion, is a direct result of the manner in which we are treating the planet. Human beings and our greed are causing untold damage to Earth. The oceans are being, used as dumping ground, destruction of the rainforest and all the other negative things we do that is severely affecting the planet.

According to media reports, 100 dead from heatwave, floods and landslides in Japan, 50 dead from a wildfire in Greece, forest fire raging in the Arctic circle and some park fires in the UK, all stems from this severe heatwave the globe is experiencing.

People on this planet need to recognise that Mother Nature will destroy us before she allows us to continue with our planet-destroying attitudes. She has in her arsenal, storms, heatwave, tornadoes, floods, landslides and she can throw any one of them at us at any time she chooses.

There is a warning to human beings to start taking better care of the planet and stop allow our greed to destroy Earth. Otherwise, the consequences will be dire. If we fail to heed the warnings the current heatwave we are undergoing will be the least of her problems