Multiculturalism is not the problem Big mouth people are

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It infuriates me when individual makes ridiculous comments about multiculturalism and blame the act of a person on it.

This world is multicultural, and there is nothing that narrow-minded and a stupid person can do about it, and I believe it is naive to believe that all the woes and tribulation of the world is to due to multiculturalism.

I am all for freedom of speech, and everyone should have the right to voice their opinion without fear of repercussion.  However, freedom of expression comes with responsibility, and we should not utter negative information that outrages others.  We have the ability to put across our opinion without offence.

According to the media, Katie Hopkins stated that Islam disgusts her.  She could have said there are aspects of the Islamic believes that she find troubling and wish that governments across the world deal effectively with those troubling issues.

We should not use our position to incite rage; it does not help in any way, and Katie Hopkins as a columnist should use her position in a productive rather than unproductive way.

In my opinion, the rants of Katie Hopkins are no accidental feat they are designed to create precisely the kind of outrage and anger it is generating in the media.  These types of behaviour are not undertaken accidentally; they are by design.

I hope that we can exercise tolerance where other cultures are a concern and understand that in every walk of life people with undertake anti-social behaviour and it is not germane to any particular group.