Why Stimatise men, They are not all the same

Regret wrong doing

According to the media newly appointed, Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom apparently made a comment in an interview regarding the use of men as nannies.

Why should she believe that parents should not employ men as nannies because they could be paedophiles?  This kind of comment from a politician is highly inflammable, and demonstrate that some people need to avoid politics at all cost because there is a time when one needs to know when to keep their mouth shut.

As a member of the public, I have the right to comment on any individual or government organisation as long as it is my opinion, and my observations are not slanderous.  When you choose to put yourself in the public domain in a position to make decisions that affect other people’s lives, then you have to know what is an appropriate comment to make to anyone whether it is sexist, inflammatory, or defamatory.  A politician does not have the luxury of making a statement such as the one allegedly made by the Environment Secretary.

There is, of course, paedophiles within our society and we do not deny that fact, however, women can be as devastating to a child as their nannies just as what a man can do.  Why should men be pigeonholed because some have unscrupulous behaviour?

It is like saying that all Black people are the same or that all individuals are criminal, a blanket statement like that is counterproductive and can create resentment.