Music Mogul Millionaire Faces Prison For Rape

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According to a media report, a music mogul millionaire is facing a prison sentence for raping two teenage girls.

Apparently, the 82-year-old forced himself on the girls, in the seventies and eighties.  One of the victims described the perpetrators as arrogant, Cartoon thugdominating and egotistical. 

There is an adage that says “it’s never too late for a shower of rain.”   Individuals that commits those heinous acts against others are of the opinion that their so-called fame and fortune puts them above the law.  Of course, who is going to believe, in the seventies and eighties, two teenage girls over a prominent citizen?

Sexual predators always bank on the fact that their victims will never make credible witness, so they commit criminal acts against them hoping to get away with their crime. 

In my opinion, many people will ask question as to why does it take so long to bring these individual to justice?  It took me awhile to recognize that in the era in which these incidents occur was one where money talks and poor victims walk. But times changed and these predators are no longer getting away with the crimes and irrespective of their age they need to know that they will pay for their violation of especially, young people.

I hope that if he his sent to prison it will make others think twice before committing sexual crimes as they will know that it doesn’t matter how long it take for their crimes to come to li9ght, they will have to answer the charges made against them, and if found guilty could face prison.