Why Do Individuals Allowed Themselves To Be Conned

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According to a media report, the Authority is searching for a 43-year-old man that seduces a divorcee, and fleece her out of £850,000.  

Regret wrong doing

Apparently, a 55-year-old woman allowed this fraudster to conned her left her destitute and destroyed her life. He undertook the duped by convincing her that he was an MI6 agent. 

I am trying to feel any remorse for this 55-year-old woman.  At a certain age, I believe that we should have a level of experience regarding life, and as the saying goes, if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck then that is what it is.

Some media reports suggested that this man has been conning people all his life and despite being jailed for three years for swindling two brothers out of £200,00, he still finds idiotic people to continue is a conning lifestyle.

How desperate can a woman, in fact, anyone be that an individual walked into the store where they come together and within days she began a relationship with him.  Now that he has stolen all her money, she is saying how charming and flirtatious he was.  Are you kidding me? That is exactly the way he would be if his intentions are to con you out of your money.  Utter fool.

This media con story is unbelievable; you are reading the information, and you cannot believe how simple this woman was.  I may sound heartless, and I know there are vulnerable people in our communities, but where do you draw the line and say that this person cannot be all they say they are.  If you start a romantic relationship with someone you know only for a few days, then you have yourself to blame when it goes wrong.

Women and men, need to be smart.  They must recognize that there are people in our society that will always prey on others.  Wise up and protect yourselves never let your heart rule your head, and common sense cost nothing.

These kinds of cons are like someone sending you an e-mail to say you win the lottery, but you know, that you have not purchased any tickets. They want twenty or thirty dollars to clear your funds.  Just use your delete button all the times, and they can never hook you into their schemes.