Muslim family had a pig head thrown through their window

Human beings evil never seems to amaze me, and it has now reached a new low, their hatred of other race are religious group makes them stupid and ridiculous.

A Muslim family had their window broken, and a bloodied pig head was, thrown through the broken glass, according to a media report. 

Apparently, the pig-head narrowly missed a 14-year old boy and a six-year-old girl. Anyone who knows anything about the Muslim faith is aware that pork is an abomination to their beliefs, they do not touch the carcass, is strictly forbidden.

The media report, states that a detective states ‘it was a disgusting act against an innocent family, who lived in the community for years’.

In my opinion, hatred, racism, bigotry, homophobia and religious persecutions are, borne out of fear. What people do not understand they try to suppress and if suppression does not work they resort to counterproductive methods.