Should a passenger that wrote a ‘religious slur’ on an airplane sent to prison?

A media report, suggest that a 36-year-old passenger on a Qatar Airways flight to London wrote ‘death to Allah’ on his first-class plane armrest because he was tired.

Really, in a time when we are so scared of what terrorist and terrorism are doing, the thought that anyone could be so insensitive to believe that tiredness and displeasure with the service he was receiving gives him the right to act outrageously, is unacceptable.

To add insult to injury also wrote an Islamophobia note aimed at women who were wearing headscarves. His behaviour was deplorable and inexcusable, but should he be sent to prison?

At the trial, the Judge stated that nothing was, said that would have shed any light on why this passenger behaved in such an offensive and unpleasant way and added that he should expect a jail term.

Having plead guilty to two counts of religiously aggravated harassment, and one of criminal damage, in my opinion, I do not believe that sending him to will make him a decent human being, but the decision is the courts.