Muslims stage demonstration against terrorism and Isis

My Opinion

Thousands of Muslims march from Hyde Park Corner to Trafalgar Square to protest against Isis and Islamist terror groups.

These are the activities that are going to defeat terrorist and terrorism. Apparently, this protest has become an annual event which is drawing bigger crowd each time it is, held. Muslims are demonstrating to the world that they are not all terrorist and they do not support extremist.

Protesters were carrying placards which read, ‘Islam’ respect other faiths, ISIS enemies of Allah and humanity, ISIS has lost love will win. The most important banner, in my opinion, was one held by a child that read, ‘I will fight to live in a world with no ISIS.

The march to remember victims of terrorism is also an indication that the Muslim community is reaching out and we should stop treating them like they are all terrorist. We must embrace what they are trying to achieve. All cities should join to fight extremist, whether they are terrorist or fascist.

I welcome the message and the olive branch the Muslim community is conveying and hope the politicians, police and all other security services will see this march as a way in which to engage the Islamic community to defeat terrorism