Las Vegas Shooting, death toll rises to 59 dead and 527 injured

The death toll in one of US most significant mass shooting has risen to 59 dead and 527 injured.

Speculations as to why this shooting occur are widespread, so much so that report suggests that the so-called millionaire shooter had no criminal history. But, his father was a notorious bank robber. What does his father being a bank robber has to do with the son committing this atrocious criminal act?

Those die in this random shooting, range from students, headteacher, ex-soldier, mothers, and fathers, 59 people who will never be able to see their loved ones again.

According to reports, the shooter was, found with 23 guns, some were an assault rifle with scope, other modified and converted into machine guns. At home, police found another 19 firearms – really, and you tell me that the 2nd amendment protects this idiot.

What kind of a society ban the sale of ‘kinder chocolate eggs’ for being dangerous and make it perfectly legal to purchase a semi-automatic assault rifle.

In my opinion, the US government are all cowards and hiding behind the 2nd amendment which innocent people lose their lives makes a mockery out of democracy. Hiding behind a flawed constitution and allowing hundreds of people to die is nothing but cowardice.

Until a US president is, elected that sever relations with the NRA and say enough is enough, and change the law with respect of semi-automatic weapons, Las Vegas will not be the last city devastated by a mass shooting.