New York family of four found dead in basement

Each day I find that human beings depravity sinks so low it makes me wonder how far in the gutter are we capable of dropping.

The sad news of a New York family of four that was found bound and murdered in their home around Christmas time is bad enough. But, it takes the lowest form of humanity to cut the throat of an 11-year old boy and a 5-year old girl.

What possible reason could there be any justification for killing innocent children, especially around Christmas time when we should be celebrating peace on Earth and goodwill to all humanity.

It is imperative that anyone with information concerning this ghastly crime contact the police. Whoever is responsible for this crime is a sorry excuse for a human being and should not be allowed loose in any community.

Anyone who is capable of killing another human being, especially children needs to be, taken out of society. They have lost the right to walk freely amongst decent, caring and compassionate people.

I am praying that God helps the police to identify whoever is responsible for this heinous, inhumane criminal act, and justice for this family is swift.

May the souls of the victims rest in eternal peace.