People become racist and homophobic whey they consume alcohol

Poppycock, according to a media article, people become more homophobic and racist when they drink, a study suggests.

I do not buy into that nonsense and, I do not care how many so-called studies these researchers at Cardiff University undertake. Suggesting that alcohol acts as an igniter for individual violent and hate crimes, are counterproductive to the real problems of racism and racial bias.

Individuals that are racist do not need to consume alcohol to bring out their negative and bad behaviour. In my opinion, this study is yet another way of finding excuses to justify racism and, for individuals to say they are not racist it is the alcohol that makes them vile and deplorable with other minority groups.

If there are genuine concerns that we are consuming too much alcohol and, we need to find a way to limit the amount individuals drink, I have no problems with that.

However, interviewing 124 people and use that to determine that individuals are prone to be more homophobic and racist, in my book that is absolute crap.

Racism is, borne out of lack of understanding, one race believing they are superior, the inability to recognise the differences among us and, downright hatred of another human being, not because someone is intoxicated.

Racial tension will continue to plague the human race until we find a way to co-exist on this planet, without fear of each other, respecting our differences and recognising no group has superiority over another.