News so Grim – Why so much Violence

My Opinion

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I cannot believe how grim news are there is nothing I can find to cheer up a dismal day, just hoping to find some report that could brighten Hate crime word cloudmy day but so far nothing,

These are some of the grim news featured in the media

  1. 93 people dead following a suicide bombing in Pakistan, people gather to mourn a murdered journalist when the bomber strike.
  2. In Manchester, a 27-year-old man fighting for his life following a shooting through a window at a takeaway cafe.
  3. Wife stabbed husband as sat on a sofa leaving him with wounds to the arms and chest.
  4. Riot police attacked in Clapham after illegal street party turns into a war zone.

What as happen to our world why has it gone so wrong; crime rates are rocketing, criminals seem to be winning the day.  There got to come a time when good triumph over evil and a day when the media will carry what I call feel good reports that encourage us and make the human race look like there is hope for us.

There is so much violence, hate, anger, crime, evil, and aggression that someone would believe that is right to blow themselves up along with so many innocent people, unbelievable and sad.