Redrawing the Political Map – Big Mistake

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Democracy is supposed to be fair to everyone concern, and although we know that this is not the case, the perception that democratic Map of UK with flagprocess is equal gives us hope for the future.

According to news reported in the press, there is an assumption that the Conservative plans to redraw the UK political map which would give the Tory a unique advantage over all the other parties and that cannot be safe for democracy.

Where do these people who concoct these ridiculous ideas emerge from and what century do they believe it is? There is no way in which any government Labour or Conservative should be creating any situation that gives then an unfair advantage. They should rely on the convictions of the party manifesto, and creating an environment where the voters are comfortable in electing them continually. 

Politicians playing with democracy and democratic process it can be a very dangerous root to go down, that has caused much civil war in the various country.  We cannot hold the electorate ransom because you choose to give your political party better advantage in the electoral process. 

Power is a very dangerous thing it seems that when some individuals get a taste of power they believe they have the right to hold on to it no matter what the cost or the consequences is to the majority of people.

I must be living in cloud cuckoo land because I believe in dignity, integrity and honesty the traits that all politicians should have, especially when you are in a position to make decisions that affect millions of people’s live not just in your country but overseas.

One of the reasons that I vote is in memory of the sacrifice that many have gone through to give me the right to vote and in memory of those people I cannot in all conscience refuse from voting.  But I am so disappointed with politics and particular politicians.  I do not trust them and in my opinion, there are none that I can look up to and say that person is an example of what politics and politicians should be about.