Brexit – Is it A Noose Around UK Neck


Stabbing People For Fun – This is absolutely crazy

Unbelievable, someone can go about stabbing someone for fun.  According to a media report, 18-year-old teenagers plead guilty to wounding with intent and admit to having a hunting knife in his possession. The incidents which trigger […]

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It is becoming very clear it is hard to know whether the UK is coming are going since the Brexit results to leave the European Union, and Government conceptalmost two months on there is no clear mandate as to what is going to happen.

If the media report is to believe the House of Lords could delay the triggering of article 50 which means either another referendum or even a general election. I cannot believe that anyone could imagine that a referendum would impact the UK and be so divisive, literally splitting the country putting family members against each other and many friendships lost over a democratic decision. 

All will feel irrespective of one’s view whether you vote for staying or leaving the impact.  If because of Brexit the country falls into recession it is going to affect everyone, there is no way that those that vote to leave is going to exempt from every negative aspect we may have to face if the UK leave the EU.

In my opinion, I believe the House of Lords or several of the Peers recognise the crisis we could face, and if they can prevent the UK exit from the EU I do believe they will use whatever little power they possess to block it.