Nigel Farage, UK Ambassador – No Thank You

I do not always agree or support the Conservative party or its government.  But there comes a time when one has to put party politics aside insincere politician cartoonin the interest of the country.  I wholeheartedly agree with N0. 10, we do not need Nigel Farage as UK ambassador to the United States.

We, do not give a flying jump if Donald Trump believes that Nigel Farage would do a great job as ambassador, the UK elected government makes that decision.

As far as I know, Britain already has an ambassador to the US that, was appointed in January, an appointment that lasts for roughly four years. There is no room at the inn for Nigel Farage.  For someone who stated that he resigned from UKIP to stay out of the limelight of politics, he seems to be more in the forefront of the political arena more so than individuals that have not resigned.

In my opinion, Nigel Farage believes that being a pally, pally with Donald Trump would secure him a prime position job offer, well we do not want or need the likes of Nigel Farage to represents the UK. We do not believe in what he stands for you cannot adequately represent a country or its people with bigoted ideologies.