Raped Because The Mobile Phone Too Old To Steal

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The crimes that are emerging in our communities and the ages of the perpetrators are of great concern to society; something must be done Cartoon thugto prevent these crimes from destroying young lives and our communities. 

According to a media report, a 15-year old boy has been given a four-year detention for raping a 13-year old boy because his mobile phone was too old to steal.- Are you Kidding me?

Apparently, the 15-year old took the 13-year old to the top of a block of flats in Peckham, South London, where he raped and slapped the teenager in his face, then told him that was his punishment for not having a mobile he could steal.

The level of depravity that is demonstrated by that 15-year old, telling the 13-year old that he was going to scar him for life by raping him, beggars belief.

But, what I am furious about his the fact that the 15-year old lawyer his making excuses for his deplorable behaviour by suggesting that her client was buzzing when he committed his despicable criminal acts.

There can be no justification for his diabolic action; he has scarred a young man for life, as he established he was going to do.  We will never know whether councilling will help this young man to overcome the traumatic experience of his young life.

In my opinion, and I do know it is harsh, but he should stay in detention until he his eighteen, then on to prison.  He displayed sociopathic attitude, in that he has no moral values, no empathy for another human being and I believe if let back into our communities he will continue to commit criminal acts.