Trump signed proclamation to block immigrants seeking asylum

Labour leader
My Opinion

According to a media report, Donald Trump signed a proclamation that will block thousands of illegal immigrants from seeking asylum in the United States.

Illegal immigrants previously were able to seek asylum irrespective of how the arrived in the United States and, they would be given 90 days for their case to be, heard in America. The proclamation the President signed will take away that right from asylum seekers.

Some organisation have protested, The American Civil Liberties Union states that the proclamation is illegal and filed a lawsuit to block the order. Amnesty International called the decision ‘dehumanising rhetoric’, and others have suggested that asylum is not a loophole but a lifeline for thousands of people.

In my opinion, Donald Trump is never about the rights of certain sections of our community or being a decent human being. There is no humanity about the man he his only interesting his those who share is racist, bigot and idiotic views. His brand of disgusting inhumanity will not be, around for long, history shows us that eventually like all bigots they will be defeated.