North Korea threatens to shoot down US bombers

The thought that we could be on the brink of world war three seems closer as North Korea square off with the might of the US.

A media report has stated that North Korea foreign minister alleges that the US President Donald Trump has declared war on his country and Pyongyang, has the right to defend itself by shooting down US bomber planes.

The Foreign Minister believes the whole world should remember that it was the United States that first declare war on his country.

I am trying to comprehend whether North Korea believe in their flight of fantasy. Do they sincerely think they can outgun the US, talk about living in cloud cuckoo land?

The world is probably not ready for WW3, but we also recognise that Donald Trump will annihilate North Korea in the blink of an eye. He has no problem in using military actions against North Korea. If North Korea shoots down a US bomber plane outside of North Korea airspace, then that would be classified as an act of aggression, and that scares me.

North Korea seems to forget that it is their bad behaviour which causes the United Nation to impose sanctions on the country. They continue to ignore the conditions of sanctions, still testing ballistic missiles and nuclear testing.

There would be no need to have the UN if members do not follow the rules and regulations. Right now North Korea is breaking the rules, and I hope all that is happening is an idle talk between the US and North Korea.